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Accelerated Programs

Mission Statement for Troy 30-C Accelerated Programs
Troy School District 30-C is committed to providing a range of educational programs that meet the different learning needs of all of our students. Children, who exhibit exceptionally strong intellectual abilities and/or the potential to perform significantly beyond the standard curriculum, require differentiated curriculum and instruction.


We Believe that:


  1. Accelerated learners will experience a learning environment characterized by peer, family, and staff support.
  2. The process of identifying accelerated students should be flexible, inclusive, use multiple criteria, and reflect the diversity of the community.
  3. Accelerated students should have structured opportunities to interact with peers of similar interests and abilities.
  4. The curriculum for accelerated students should be differentiated in content, process, and product. Accelerated programs within the Troy School District will provide a curriculum that capitalizes on the unique abilities, talents, interests and needs of identified students, whether it is in overall intelligence, specific academics, creativity or leadership.
  5. Accelerated students have social and emotional needs that should be understood and accommodated.
  6. Ongoing professional development is essential in providing all staff with an understanding of the characteristics and needs of accelerated students, the identification process, and appropriate instructional strategies to use in the regular classroom. This professional development should be offered at the awareness, application, and advanced levels.